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My first job on a farm was not just an introduction to agriculture, but to cooking and flavor. I discovered vegetables: the earthy taste of a roasted beet, the refreshing sweet crunch of Kohlrabi, the savory flavor of kale sauteed in garlic. Gone were the days of toast for dinner! On my own farm, I'm pursing my love of flavor in growing unusual herbs and veggies, and seeking out varieties that are known for their taste.

2019 is our first year, and we're starting small with the intention to gradually grow into our land and business. We hope to be more than just a farm. We grow things, but we also aim to create community and to provide a platform for sharing knowledge.

We hope to share the joy we find in growing and eating. Click on the links above for details. 

Take a Virtual Tour

Scroll through the photo slideshow below to see the farm. Click on the photos to read the captions.

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