Veggies & Herbs

What we're Growing

We dug our very first bed in the fall of 2018 to plant garlic. In the spring, we dug 9 more beds. In 2020, we expanded to a quarter acre and launched a CSA. We grow a diverse assortment of veggies and herbs, with a focus on finding the unique varieties that make cooking, and eating, fun.

Our veggies and herbs are available for purchase. We sell and deliver direct to restaurants, or you can also place an order to pick up on the farm on our online shop. Our harvest season runs roughly from May through November.

In the Fields

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Harvesting Now

We're not harvesting anything for the winter months, but letting our fields (and our farmer) rest. We'll start planting again in the early spring.

In 2019 we grew basils, lemongrass, peppers, squash, melons, greens, beets, and garlic. In 2020, we're planning even more exciting things.


Harvesting Soon

Winter is the time for crop planning. We're busy reading seed catalogues, and looking forward to the return of warm weather.

Have something you would like to see. Fill out the form below and let us know. We're happy to grow for restaurants and other local food businesses.

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