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Statement on COVID-19

Protecting Public Health

Ugh. 2020. What a year. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has altered many of our plans for the farm and we have temporarily suspended plans for on-farm workshops and in-person events. They'll be back soon-- we hope!


When we harvest, food safety is of paramount importance, and we are closely monitoring best practice guidelines.


We are a small business, run solely by myself (Laura) with occasional help from my husband (Dave). We both feel fortunate to be fully vaccinated, and we pledge to never harvest produce while sick. Should we become ill during the season, we will do our best to hire help and mobilize people in our network to keep the farm running. In addition, we always follow rigorous best-practice guidelines for food safety, including frequent hand-washing, and pre- and post- harvest sanitation of all tools and equipment.

Throughout 2020, we followed strict social distancing and mask wearing guidelines during CSA pick-ups, and pre-packed all member shares. This has meant using more disposable packaging than we would sometimes wish. As the situation evolves over the next year, we will continue or adapt these practices as appropriate. If you ever have questions or concerns about our practices, please let us know.


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