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Pick your Own
Flower CSA

Farm Fresh Flowers

Get creative with our pick-your-own flower CSA!

Ever since I started growing flowers, I have been in awe of their diversity, resilience, and impressive displays. Each blossom may be ephemeral, but flowers are far from delicate. For the plants that bear them, they have an essential purpose -- to combine their genes and reproduce -- that has created the remarkable diversity of flowering plants on the planet today. Oh, and some of them are just downright gorgeous!

One of the best things about growing flowers is the chance to experiment with their varied colors, textures, and forms. Picking your own flowers is a chance to explore creatively.


What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you purchase a CSA share, you become a  member of the farm, and in exchange you'll get to visit and pick-your-own flowers during our open hours.

We offer a few share options at different levels depending on how often you want to pick. Read on for details.

The Logistics

1. Choose your membership level based on the frequency you would like to visit the farm to pick flowers.

2. Visit anytime during our open hours to cut the flowers of your choice.

3. Arrange your flowers into bouquets and enjoy!

Membership Levels

"Zinnia": $95. Visit up to 5 times throughout the season.

"Snapdragon": $175. Visit up to 10 times throughout the season.

"Dahlia": $240. Visit as many times as you want during our season.

Open Hours

The cutting season runs from July 17 through October 23. Visit during our open hours, Sundays from noon - 4pm, to cut flowers.

Member Benefits

  • A wide variety of farm fresh flowers at affordable prices.

  • Tips and tricks on cutting, arranging, and growing flowers.

  • 10% discount on other purchases from the farm (place a veggie order from our online shop before you visit, and we'll have it packed and ready for pick-up).

  • A gorgeous setting from which to enjoy the outdoors. Come for flowers, pack a picnic!


Interested? Sign-up Here

Fill out this form, and we'll be in touch with more details and our membership agreement. Your space will be reserved once payment is received.

Membership Level Preference

Thank you! We'll be in touch with more info!

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