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Spice up your Cooking

Add a little bit of pizazz to dinner. Our CSA features a box of veggies every week throughout the growing season, May through October.

Highlighting the Funky Stuff:

This isn't a full-diet CSA to meet all your sustenance needs, instead, we focus on growing the unusual varieties, and introducing our customers to the foods that make cooking fun. Striped heirloom tomatoes, purple peppers, zesty greens, and melons you'll never find at the supermarket. Our shares are sized for a individual or couple, and if you want extra, you can always add to your share with our online shop.

We've designed a CSA to match our lifestyle. Lets face it-- it takes dedication and time to cook every night. Sometimes you're just craving those tacos from that amazing food truck instead. Each share features 4-6 items weekly-- enough veggies to incorporate into a couple meals.

What's a CSA?

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a direct marketing system in which customers become members of the farm. By paying up front at the beginning of the season, members help the farmer purchase needed supplies, such as seeds and soil amendments. In return, members receive a share of veggies and herbs regularly throughout the growing season.

The intent behind the CSA model is that the members share in the risks and rewards of farming. If, for example, our celery crop fails, we won't have celery in the share; but if there's an overabundance of tomatoes, members also share the reward. We'll make sure, however, that you receive at least a commensurate value of produce as the cost of the share. In fact, we aim to provide a bit extra.

If you're new to CSAs check out this great tip sheet from Local Harvest on what to expect.

The Logistics

$400 for the season

21 share distributions:

Bi-weekly in May & October

Weekly June through September

Pick-up options:

Sunday afternoons on the farm in Myersville, or Monday evenings in downtown Frederick.

Member Benefits

If we have abundance, we'll add a little extra to your share.

Access to our pick-your-own flower & herb bed during pick-up so you can harvest extra goodies. (Last year we grew a lot of zinnias, this year, we're branching out).

15% discount on additional produce purchases through our online store.

Most of our crops we grow just for our CSA. You'll get a sneak peak of each share with our member newsletter with recipes and farm insights.

What's in a Share?

We've planned our shares to provide diversity. Our crop plan includes:

Funky peppers · heirloom tomatoes · salad greens · melons · celery · flavorful cooking greens · carrots · beets · kohlrabi · eggplant · beans & peas · radishes · cucumbers & summer squash · sweet potatoes · winter squash · sprouting broccoli · herbs.

The composition of your share will change with the season. For example:

One week in the spring, you may receive:

A pint of peas · kohlrabi · a head of bok choy · a half pound of salad mix · a bunch of broccoli raab

In the summer you might receive:

A pound of tomatoes · a melon · a pint of peppers · a bunch of carrots · greens

Learn More & Next Steps

Interested? Our 2020 CSA season has just ended. We'll officially open 2021 sign-ups in December for the CSA season beginning in May. Fill out this form to let us know you may be interested, and we'll notify you when sign-ups open.

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