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Consulting & Tool Design

Have a Project?

We'll help you get it done. We love to experiment, and we've learned a lot from both our successes and mistakes.


Laura offers consulting services in the following areas:

-Home gardening

-Home & Commercial Aquaponics

-School gardens & garden based education

Read about Laura's experience here, and reach out to learn more.

The Right Tools

make all the difference. Have you ever found yourself in need of a tool that doesn't exist? So have we. With 20 years experience as a designer-fabricator making custom sculpture, Dave has hand crafted many of the tools that he uses in his studio. They range from simple items like a homemade hand-hoe, to more complex contraptions, like our customized hydraulic press.

Need a welder for a garden implement repair? Or, just want to brainstorm solutions to a challenging project. Dave loves a challenge.

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